• married + bright

    The month of December (and all of 2013) has just flown by. We returned from a sun-soaked week in Cabo and jumped right into the holiday mayhem and now New Year's Eve is tomorrow! 

    I was thrilled to get our holiday + thank you cards out before we left for our honeymoon earlier this month. I ordered them from Minted and absolutely love how they turned out! The black and white photo paired with modern metallic etching is a fun take on a traditional holiday card. I know I'm getting old when I start to look forward to this kind of thing... If you're still on the hunt, their turnaround is super fast. Check out their New Year photo cards right here + Happy New Year to all of you! xx

  • the best day ever

    Here are some snaps from our wedding last month! It was truly the best, most special day of our lives. There was so much love + happiness in the air, I wish I could've bottled it up and saved it forever and ever. My dad, who has a knack for putting things perfectly described it as an epic lovefest. A million thank yous to our family and friends who helped pull this off. It was the best day of our lives. xx

    Photography: Edyta Szyszlo Photography Venue: Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch, Wedding Coordinator: Bustle Designs, Florals: Floral Theory, Cake: Model Bakery, Hair: Sara Pinckney, Makeup: Jennifer Clark, Videographer: Ashley Batz, DJ: Josh Olds, Officiant: Roger Kesteloot, Menus: Mae Mae Paperie, Photobooth and Backdrop: Tomfoolery SF

  • bachelorette gone mild

    The days are just creepin' on by and the wedding is now less than two months away!

    Last weekend my 14 closest friends and I escaped to Palm Springs for a weekend at The Ace Hotel. I had given strict orders during the planning phase: no tiaras, veils, sashes or straws shaped like body parts and thankfully they did not disappoint. Instead there were incredibly thoughtful welcome notes for each room, custom Turkish towels, a little kit of sunblock, Advil, candy, vodka + cranberry juice and champagne, and best of all, cutouts of all my favorite men (ahem: John Hamm, Pharrel, Angel Pagan, and, of course, Kyle) each with a personal message for me. We had a wonderful, fairly low-key weekend lounging poolside in the dry desert heat with delicious cocktails, massages, boozy snow cones, and a dinner where I was serenaded by an elderly woman named Linda.

    A sign I know I am getting older: I came home feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and so thankful for my sister + maid of honor and other bridesmaids who worked so hard to make it a wonderful weekend. 

    Custom turkish towels via Brandsmith, photo via Kate Franco.

  • the fremont diner

    I'd first read about The Fremont Diner when Alexis wrote about it years ago (and her description does it justice in a way that I never could so check it out) and it'd been on my list ever since. I finally had the opportunity this week when I ventured out to Sonoma to do some wine tasting with coworkers at Repris on Moon Mountain. We shared ricotta pancakes, house cured bacon, ham biscuits covered in creole mustard and ginger rhubard + sage jam. I mean...

  • feeling fiery

    After seven years in a San Francisco flat, a working fireplace was something I was so looking forward to when we moved. I was thrilled that our adorable, 1930s Tudor-style home in Napa came with a gorgeous, white brick mantle. Sadly, the fireplace is not safe to use, but that doesn't stop me from lusting over this beaute by designer Harriet Anstruther. And that Harland Miller print isn't bad either. 

  • saying hi...

    Helloooo out there! Poking my head out from the madness that has been, oh, the last year and a half!

    I transitioned out of life in San Francisco, to cohabiting with my boyfriend, to the latest adventure: life in the Napa Valley! I mentioned earlier that I had taken a job working for Alexis Swanson Traina at her family's winery in Oakville and, well, the rest is history.

    I spent a lot of my childhood in Napa (my grandfather was one of the first big real estate bigshots when the valley started exploding) and still have some family here, so it feels fitting to spend part of my adulthood here. We're nervous, but excited to make a go of it + already feel pretty happy with our decision. Wish us luck!

    original image via

  • Happy December!

    So, in my wee small town there's an annual Christmas on First Street. It's possible I've mentioned it here before. All the storefronts and vendors open their doors, carolers occupy every corner, people sip hot cider, kids run wild, and usually my dad can be found spinning cotton candy for a very long line of people. Oh, and another thing that happens is that my mega-tall boyfriend dresses up as an elf [in a custom made elf costume you see] and poses for photos with Santa and children of all ages. [It should be noted that he does this as a favor to a friend's mother, not on his own accord -- though I wouldn't put that past him either]. 

  • Splash Of Pistachio

    Well. Here we are again, aren't we? The truth is that I have missed blogging so much, but simply have not had the energy or bandwidth to churn out even the most pathetic of posts.

    I started a new job two days after my last post [which was September 13th - ahem] and it has been so wildly fantastic and so overwhelmingly exhausting. I love it and could not feel more fortunate to be where I am. Oh, and I'm also freelancing most of my projects from my old job. You know, in my spare time.

    I don't want to make any farfetched promises, but I miss my little creative corner of the internet and I hope to be spend some more time here in very near future. And without further ado, a little pistachio + black + gold home inspiration for you.

    Transit Design Viva Italia // Jayson Home Gold Wishbone Athena Tray // Past On Paper Vintage Map // Lucky Night Modern House Wine // DwellStudio Sheepskin Rug // Fishs Eddy Jadeite Cakeplate // Easy Health Juicer // Gold Payten Flatware // Kitchenaid Mixer 

  • Style Obsession: Miroslava Duma

    I've been loving Miroslava Duma's style lately. It's feminine and chic, but never overdone or complicated; a testimony to true style, don't you think? Whose style are you emulating this fall?

    photos from Buro 247