Do-it-Yourself Dry Cleaning
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Do-it-Yourself Dry Cleaning

Did you see the DIY dry cleaning products popping up in local stores? These kits promise that they can take care of all your dry cleaning needs right from your own home. You might be tempted to try DIY dry cleaning. But don’t. DIY dry cleaning is not all it seems.

You should be aware of the risks involved in dry cleaning your garments. After reviewing the risks, you will realize that it is better to use a dry cleaning service.

Fabrics can be damaged by DIY dry cleaning

Dry-cleaning garments requires special care. Dry cleaning at home isn’t always gentle for all fabrics. You might end up damaging the fabric if you dry clean your clothes yourself. This could lead to you having to throw away items that you love. This is a risky move, so it’s wiser to use professional dry cleaners instead.

Fabric might shrink

You don’t need to worry about your clothes shrinking when you use dry cleaning delivery services. Professional dry cleaners will take extra care to make sure that your fabric stays in great condition. However, DIY dry cleaning kits may not be as effective. Many have reported garment shrinkage after dry cleaning at-home.

They won’t fit properly if your garments shrink. They might not fit well. It is possible to avoid this by hiring a professional rather than trying to tackle this task yourself.

Headaches and migraines can be caused by strong smelling perfumes

Professional dry cleaning services clean clothes without leaving behind strong smells. The reputation of DIY dry cleaning kits leaving behind strong smells is unfortunately not good. These strong odors can be unpleasant for anyone, but they are especially bad for people who suffer from migraines and headaches.

For those who are more susceptible, strong scents can trigger migraines. If you fall under this category, you may get migraines every time clothes are dried cleaned at home. Even if your migraines aren’t severe, strong scents could cause headaches. You don’t have to take this risk when you can get dry cleaning delivered to your garments.

Fabrics may still contain body odors

Imagine putting on freshly dried clothes and then realizing that the garment smells like body odor. Many people experience this after using DIY dry cleaning products. Although these kits may be able to refresh garments to some extent, they can often leave behind unpleasant odors. This could include musty odors, and the

You can smell sweaty underarms. If you need to remove the garment, it can be quite embarrassing. All odors can be removed by dry cleaning. If you have your clothes dry cleaned professionally, it won’t matter if anyone notices a bad odor.

Stains can cause fabric to become stained

You can use dry cleaning products at-home to remove certain types of stains. These kits are not effective against oil-based stains. You should not dry clean stained clothing at home as the oil or grime may set into the fabric and make it harder to remove. It is easy to have the stains professionally removed by dry cleaning service so that you don’t have to take your clothes apart.


Dry cleaning can leave stains on garments that were previously clean. Some people attempt to dry clean their clothes at home and find that the fabric has dark spots. Some people are able to remove the new stains with success, while others must throw away the garments. It’s not worth the risk if you love your dry-clean clothes.

Dry cleaning your clothes at home could lead to you spending more money on clothing that you don’t need.

Damage Embellishments

Dry cleaners who are professionals understand how to care for embellishments on fabrics. An error can result in damage to the embellishments which could lead to the loss of the garment. The garments will look brand new again after they are cleaned. You could endanger embellished garments if you use a DIY dry-cleaning kit.

It is possible for the embellishments to fall off and you will have to pay to fix it. Instead of paying for repairs, send your clothes off to a dry cleaner. Your clothes will be professionally cleaned the first time and you’ll save money in the end.

Clothes destroyed by Flimsy Bags

It is not a good idea to dry clean only clothes and put them in the dryer with no protection. Many DIY dry cleaning products come with fragile bags that are prone to tears. Customers have complained that their dryer opened to find the bag split and the clothes flying around. The clothes can be damaged if they get caught on zippers or other embellishments.

This is not something you need to worry about when you hire professional dry cleaners. Dry cleaning professionals will take care of all your clothes to avoid any damage or rips during the process. A professional service will not cause your clothes to rub against other garments. Flimsy equipment won’t put your clothes at risk.

Use a professional dry cleaning service to avoid these issues

As you can see you cannot expect quality if your garments are dried cleaned by you. It is best to hire a professional dry cleaner if you want garments that are clean and maintain their shape.

You don’t even have to take the clothes off. Instead, you can schedule dry cleaning delivery services to handle everything. A valet will come to your house or place of business and pick up your clothes. Once they’re there, the valet will deliver them to your address. You can save both time and money by using this service.

Sign up for dry cleaning online. Your clothes will soon be returned. You can store your dry-cleaned items, or hang them up until they are ready to be worn.