• How to Care For Your Corporate Pants- The Laundry Care Handbook to Maintaining Your Pants
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    How to Care For Your Corporate Pants- The Laundry Care Handbook to Maintaining Your Pants

    You just bought some business pants that you need to keep in shape. The length of time these pants last will depend on how well you take care of them. When it comes to taking care of corporate pants, the most common advice is to wash, dry, iron, and fold. This isn’t enough if your pants are going to last.

    Your pants should be in great condition if you want them to complement your blazers and shirts.

    Here are some tips for keeping your pants brand new.

    Washing your pants

    How to use a washing machine

    Make sure you read the instructions before washing your pants. If you don’t follow them, they could be damaged. A washing machine is the best choice for cotton pants, quality polyester and wool. Silk, delicate cotton and wool can all be washed by hand.

    Test the material of the pants with water

    Do a quick test before you wash. Just sprinkle some water on certain parts of your pants, preferably at the hidden edges. You can also use the detergents that you have in mind on the wet parts of the pants and rub your fingers through. If the color does not come off, please take it to a professional dry cleaner.

    Put the pants forward-to-back

    You can protect your pants by turning it inside-out and putting it in a mesh bag. This prevents buttons from falling out and helps reduce fading.

    Use cold water to wash the pants.

    The mesh bag that contains the pants should be placed in the machine. The washing machine will turn on, and it will wash on a gentle cycle. Take the pants out of your washing machine after the cycle has ended.

    Using your hands

    Fill the containers with mild detergent, cold water

    You can wash your pants in a basin, tub or sink. To make sure that the water is producing bubbles, add some mild laundry shampoo.

    Soak the pant in the detergent/water mixture

    Make sure to fully submerge the pants in the mixture. To prevent any damage, gently scrub the pants.

    Fill up the container with water

    Now rinse your pants with cold water. Then rinse the pant with cold and clean water.

    Drying your trousers

    Using the tumble dryer

    Your work is made much easier if you own a tumble dryer. You can spin your pants to dry out any moisture. Put a towel in the dryer to absorb the water as it comes into contact with your pants while spinning.

    Also, you can choose the best time to heat the pants. You can dry your pants in the dryer for several minutes, if necessary.

    Air drying

    The air-drying method works well even if you don’t have a tumbler. Put the wet pants on a towel to dry. Then, squeeze gently to get rid of any water. You can also use a clothesline to hang the pants.

    Use a hairdryer

    Your pants may not be dry completely. You will still feel the dampness after drying. If you are short on time and have a hairdryer nearby, you can blow dry the damp areas until they are dry. This should be done gently so as to not burn the fabric.

    Ironing your pants

    Find out if you are able to iron your pants

    Many pants come with instructions on how to wash and iron them. The manufacturer’s instructions can be found on the tag. Sometimes the tag will indicate the optimal heat setting for ironing your pants. Ironing is possible for pants made from nylon or polyester as well as cotton, wool and linen.

    Flat surface

    Use an ironing board or a flat surface to remove wrinkles.

    Add water to the iron’s steam chamber

    Many irons are equipped with a tank to add water. Ironing produces steam, which can help eliminate wrinkles.

    Iron your pockets

    To prevent wrinkles, laundry services will iron the pockets first. Take out the pockets at the front and back and iron gently.

    Spread your pants over the surface

    You have two options when ironing your pants. You can choose to iron your pants from the top, waistband or legs. You should ensure that the iron temperature is not too high to avoid burning the fabric.

    Folding/Storing your pants

    Allow your pants to cool for a few moments

    Allow them to cool down for a few moments after they are finished ironing. This will prevent wrinkles from forming.

    Hang/Fold your pants

    To prevent wrinkles, you can use a pant hanger. Attach the pants to the waistband and hang it in the closet. Or, you could fold the pants and keep them out of reach. You can fold the pants in half by making sure the hem meets the waistband. You can also fold your pants if you don’t have enough space.


    It is understandable not everyone has the time or patience to take care of all the steps of washing and storing pants. It is possible to have a professional laundromat take care of your laundry while you do other tasks. Laundry service and delivery are a great option for those who have trouble taking care of their pants.

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